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Las Vegas!


Format : 2-person / 18 hole
Date: May 6th, 2017 Shotgun start at 1:30 pm
Cost: $95 per team ($20 for Individual Coldwater Member)
           *Includes 18 holes of golf, cart, range, gift, and prizes! 

Definition: "Las Vegas" is the name of a golf betting game for two teams of two players each. Winnings and losings can add up quickly in Las Vegas, so it's a game preferred by better (or wealthier) players.

In Las Vegas, each 2-person team plays for a team score on each hole. But it's not a normal team score. The team members' scores are not combined; rather, they are paired: Player A gets a 4, Player B gets a 5. The team score is not 9, it's 45 (the lower number goes first).

If both players get 4s, that's 44; if one gets an 8 and the other gets a 3, that's 38.

The team score represents the number of points each team earns per hole. Points are tracked throughout the round and the differential is paid off at the end of the round. A single-hole example: Team A scores 4 and 5 for a 45; Team B scores 5 and 6 for a 56; the difference is 11 points.

One safeguard: If one player scores 10 or more, that team's score uses the high number first. So a 3 and a 10 is 103, not 310.

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