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Bloody Mary Better Ball

Format : 2-person / 18 hole
Date: June 10th, 2017 Shotgun start at 1:30 pm
Cost: $95 per team ($20 for Individual Coldwater Member)
           *Includes 18 holes of golf, cart, range, gift, and prizes! 

This tournament has been YEARS in the making here at Coldwater!  This is the first annual running of our Bloody Mary Better Ball, so let's make it a great one!

History:  Many Mary's makes a mighty mess!!  There are 2 Mary's in question here.  Mary I, Queen of England, ruled England and Ireland as a contentions Catholic for 5 tumultuous years.  She is best known for ordering countless Protestant executions in an attempt to bring the Catholic church back to power in England.  Indeed, this garnered her the infamous nickname of Bloody Mary.  On her death, succession of the English crown passed to Elizabeth I, though she was Protestant!  Many catholics at the time claimed that the throne was rightfully Mary Stuart's, Queen of the Scots, and a niece of the now dead Queen Mary.  UGH!  Still, Mary Queen of Scot was rebuffed and spent her life pining for the throne, being accused of murder, and ... golfing!  What better way to honor these women?

Ok, it's a stretch, to be sure.  But this is a great opportunity to stretch our tournament formats out!  For this 2-person better ball, play will be as follows.  In a Better Ball tournament, each players plays their own ball throughout the entirety of the hole!  The best score between the teammates will represent the team score.  For example, if Tom and Jerry were on a team and Tom shot a 5 on hole 1 while Jerry shot a 3, the team score is 3!  This is not a scramble.  

How can we make this even more interesting?  How about having ALL players tee up from the RED tees?  Sure!  More, you say??  Ok!  Also, we will put out our cruelest and most devious pin placements on each and every hole.  Good enough?!?! 

Player 1 *
Player 1
Player 2 *
Player 2

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